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Since its establishment in 1995, Glenwood Technologies International, Inc. has been the leader in exclusive distribution of premium rapid diagnostics and hygiene monitoring kits from trusted manufacturers worldwide, providing quality and technologically advanced products to meet the emerging needs for feed and food safety in the Philippines, among others.

July 29, 2021

Take Your Sanitation Verification to the Next Level

Don’t get left behind! Take your sanitation verification to the next level. In the manufacturing industry, it is necessary that hygiene and sanitation programs are in place and practiced by everyone. If the cleaning method employed is insufficient, pathogens and allergens lurking in the environment, especially on improperly cleaned food contact surfaces, may compromise food safety and may result in food recalls. This can be avoided by utilizing hygiene and sanitation verification testing tools.
July 23, 2021

On-demand Webinars on Test Method Validation that can be Trusted and Method Validation and Verification

Check out the on-demand webinars entitled Test Validation That Can Be Trusted and Method Validation and Verification conducted by Nissui Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, the manufacturer of CompactDry™ (the world's most trusted ready-to-use chromogenic media plate for microbial analysis) in partnership with Campden BRI, an independent international food consultancy and research organization based in the United Kingdom.
July 13, 2021

Allergen Cleaning Procedure: Validation vs. Verification

Biological, chemical (including allergens), and physical contamination during food production can be prevented by implementing an effective cleaning process. To avoid cross-contact of allergens, a cleaning process must be validated for its ability to remove allergens then its effectiveness verified regularly.

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