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SD-Neogen 4700 Elisa Reader (Statfax)

Neogen® ELISA Reader

Neogen® ELISA Reader is a stand-alone microstrip reader with built-in software designed for accurate and automatic reading of quantitative results. Its streamlined design offers a touch screen interface, superb optics, onboard curve-fitting software, and built-in printer to meet the requirements of modern laboratories.
It is designed for use with the following kits:
  • Veratox® for Mycotoxins
  • Veratox® for Food Allergens
  • Veratox® for Histamine
  • AlerTox ELISA for Food Allergens
  • MaxSignal® for Veterinary Drug Residues
  • MaxSignal® for Pesticide Residues
  • XEMA EIA for Halal (pork detection)
Features & Benefits
  • 30 pre-programmed tests for Veratox® kits
  • Automatic strip transportation
  • Bichromic optics with four filters (405, 450, 492, and 650 nm)
  • Interactive LCD touch screen with USB mouse option
  • Easy-to-use with step-by-step prompting
  • Onboard graphics printing
  • Calculates results automatically; large non-volatile memory stores more than 120 user-entered tests
  • Includes one 3x12 strip carrier for breakapart microwells

Raptor® Integrated Analysis Platform

Raptor® is a lateral flow test strip reader with built-in incubation. This equipment is capable of analyzing up to three samples independently and simultaneously, provided they are set to the same incubation temperature and time.
Raptor® can be used with:
  • Reveal® Q+ for Aflatoxin
  • Reveal® Q+ for Fumonisin
  • Reveal® Q+ for DON
  • Reveal® Q+ Max for Aflatoxin
  • Reveal® Q+ Max for Ochratoxin
  • Reveal® Q+ Max for T-2/HT-2
  • Reveal® Q+ Max for Zearalenone
  • Reveal® Q+ Max for DON
Features & Benefits
  • Intuitive LCD touch screen display works with gloves, and guides operator with video.
  • Results are accessible anytime; powered by Lab Information Management Systems (LIMS).
  • It has three independent sample ports with 3x3 test capacity , wherein tests automatically starts through Fluid Front Technology.
  • Design allows clean-up of spills.
  • Sample ID and test lot information are instantly read.
  • Unit can connect up to three external devices (e.g. printer).

Raptor® Solo

Raptor® Solo is a battery-operated portable version of the Raptor Integrated Analysis Platform. As with the original benchtop version, Raptor® Solo is a lateral flow test strip reader with built-in incubation that provides an easy way to objectively analyze and store results of Neogen’s Reveal® Q+ and Q+ MAX lateral flow tests.

Features & Benefits
  • Portable - ideal for on-site or field testing; battery operated
  • Barcoded test strips automatically identify the test type, lot, and expiry

AccuPoint® Advanced Luminometer

An economical, fast, and accurate way to monitor cleanliness by measuring ATP is through the AccuPoint® Advanced System. This system utilizes ATP chemiluminescence to determine the cleanliness of surfaces and rinse water samples. It is also the first ATP system evaluated and approved by two independent, highly recognized international institutions, NSF International and AOAC (AOAC-RI PTM #091601), for its accuracy and consistency.

Features & Benefits
  • Rapid time to result (less than 20 seconds)
  • Full-color high resolution screen
  • Zero background reading increases accuracy
  • The only reader with RFID technology (optional)

For more information on this equipment, please refer to our Hygiene & Sanitation Monitoring page.


Neogen® Bunn Grinder

The extremely durable Bunn grinder grinds your samples to the appropriate consistency for accurate mycotoxin testing and is approved for use in the grain industry by the United States Department of Agriculture / Grain Inspection, Packers  and Stockyards Administration (USDA/GIPSA). It can be used to grind commodities including corn, wheat, barley, and milo.

Features & Benefits
  • Hopper holds up to 4 pounds of grain
  • Turbo action draws grains through grind chamber for greater grinding efficiency
  • Fast grinding – one pound in under 30 seconds
  • Convenient cleaning lever ensures complete cleanout of grind chamber
  • Heavy-duty precision burrs for quality, finer grinds
  • International electrical configurations available

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