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Hygiene and Sanitation Monitoring

Good sanitation practices is almost synonymous with safe food, but how can you ensure your consumers that your food is safe? How clean is clean? General sanitation with the use of disinfectants and cleaners is not enough. It should also require the utilization of technologically-advanced sanitation systems and test kits for verification of cleanliness and good practices of manufacturers and food handlers.

A comprehensive hygiene and sanitation program leaves nothing to chance. We could help you in ensuring that your cleaning program is efficient and effective through advanced technologies such as the ATP detection system and protein residue test kits. To learn more about these, check our AccuPoint® Advanced ATP System, Accuclean® Advanced Protein Testing Swabs, and CleanDo® Protein Residue Swabbing Kit below.

The First AOAC-approved Sanitation Verification System

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), present in all cells be it viable or non-living, is a good indicator of the presence of microorganisms and organic matter.  ATP on a surface indicates a potential source for dangerous microscopic bacteria, such as E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, yeast and molds, and others that can accelerate the spoilage of food.

An economical, fast, and accurate way to monitor cleanliness by measuring ATP is through the AccuPoint® Advanced System. This system utilizes ATP chemiluminescence to determine the cleanliness of surfaces and rinse water samples. It is also the first ATP system evaluated and approved by two independent, highly recognized international institutions, NSF International and AOAC (AOAC-RI PTM #091601), for its accuracy and consistency.

APA Samplers 1

AccuPoint® Advanced Samplers

Advanced design and chemistry for superior ATP recovery
  • Patented flat-head sponge design that breaks through biofilm and increases surface contact
  • Cutter technology for complete retention of recovered ATP in sampler upon activation
  • Stable at room temperature for up to two weeks
  • Option for sampler extender for hard to reach surfaces and crevices

AccuPoint® Advanced Reader

Quick, accurate, and easy to use
  • Rapid time to result (less than 20 seconds)
  • Full-color high resolution screen
  • Zero background reading increases accuracy
  • The only reader with RFID technology (optional)

AccuPoint® Advanced Data Manager Software

A snapshot of plant hygiene/sanitation at your fingertips
  • Online firmware updates to keep the reader up to speed
  • Records and tracks test results
  • Generates key hygiene/sanitation indicator reports
  • Maintains records for audit compliance
  • Identifies trends and problem sites
  • Manages test plan

Cost-effective Solution for Protein Detection

Another measure to determine good sanitation practices is the detection of protein residue. As proteins perform important functions for bacteria, detection of these residues indicate inadequate sanitation practices and the presence of a potential nutrient source for microorganisms.


Accuclean® Advanced Rapid Protein Residue Swabbing Kit

Self-contained protein detection tests for sanitation monitoring programs
  • Fast - 10 seconds to result
  • Sensitive - As low as 10 Mg protein per sample
  • Simple - No equipment required

CleanDo®Protein Residue Swabbing Kit

For the assessment of cleanliness of the kitchen, food production equipment, premises, and surfaces
  • Rapid and Simple - easy procedure with results after 2 minutes
  • Cost-Effective - economical swabbing kits of up to 1 year shelf life
  • Easy to Interpret - provides distinct color reaction

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